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Gudsan technology is the largest domain marketplace with the most buyers worldwide. By using our services you can sell your domain quickly at the right price while taking advantage of particularly low selling fees.

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Maximum flexibility: Sales options overview

Do you want to sell quickly at a fixed price? Or would you rather negotiate, or even start an auction? Maybe you would like to let our professionals find a buyer and negotiate a price? Gudsan technology offers you the largest selection of selling options in the domain market – then you can decide which is the best for your domain!

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Buy Now

Find a buyer for your domain directly on our marketplace: Buy Now domains offered at a fixed price are sold up to three times faster in comparison to other sales options.

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Make Offer

Communicate to potential buyers that you are interested in receiving offers for your domain. You can start negotiating with any interested parties directly and agree on a price as soon as an offer is received.

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Marketplace Auction

Offer a domain for sale as "Make Offer". As soon as the first offer is received, you can put your domain up for auction – using the original offer as the reserve price!

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Direct Auction

Start your own domain auction whenever you want, displayed on our homepage and in the matching search results. This enables you to reach a particularly large number of potential buyers – and achieve a high sales price.

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Auction Events

Our domain experts regularly create their own auctions with particularly high-grade domains – most notably, our signature bi-monthly GreatDomains auction. Apply now to gain even more exposure and sales leads for your most attractive domains.

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Broker Service

Sell your high value domains with the support of our professional Domain Brokers. We contact potential buyers, negotiate the price, then secure payment and ensure a seamless Domain Transfer.

Exclusive services and efficient selling tools for domain sellers

Domain Parking

Earn money with your unused domains and sell them even more quickly – with our free Domain Parking!

Domain Promotion

Secure a top position for your domain on the Gudsan technology marketplace: With a Homepage or Category Showcase, your domain will be afforded the highest level of attention from buyers.

Gudsan technologyMLS sales network

Exclusive for Gudsan technology customers: Our global sales network with more than 650 international partners - gain maximum exposure and three-times faster sales.

Domain Appraisal

Experience-backed: Our experts will create an individualized appraisal for your domain – also available for comprehensive domain portfolios.

Transfer Service

Have you already struck a deal outside our platform? Gudsan technology has a reputable Domain Transfer Service for agreements reached outside of our marketplace.

Market Trends

Become a domain expert: Prices, developments and top 10 domains.

Selling Domains: How It Works

Gudsan technology’s community tutorials and product docs help you quickly get started. Here’s a small sample of the resources available.

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Create a customer account

Create an account on our marketplace at no charge. Your domains can be put up for sale as soon as your personal customer account is certified and activated.

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List your domains

Add one or more domains to your customer account. Now all you need to do is set the purchase option and price – your domain will then appear instantly on our worldwide marketplace.

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Gudsan technology will handle the rest

As soon as your domain is sold, our free transfer service comes into play: Following the receipt of payment, we transfer the ownership of the domain to the buyer.

Clients Testimonial

Gudsan technology’s community tutorials and product docs help you quickly get started. Here’s a small sample of the resources available.

Checklist: Selling domains

Create a free customer account

  • First create a free customer account.
  • Now you can add domains in order to sell them or auction them off.

Check comparable domain offers

  • Get an overview of comparable domain offers on our marketplace
  • Clever filter functions help limit the search by letting you, for example, display only certain domain endings.

Understand the value of domains

  • Older, shorter domains with internet-savvy names and popular suffixes (e.g., .com or are of great value.
  • Our domain experts designate particularly valuable web addresses with the "Top Domain" label.

Selling options and negotiations with buyers

  • Sellers can individually choose from several sales options for their domains.
  • Prices are negotiated directly between buyers and sellers.

Secure payment using our Transfer Service

  • Gudsan technology's Transfer Service provides secure payment processing.
  • The buyer does not take over the domain until the purchase price has been paid.

Easy domain transfer and payment

  • We handle the smooth transfer of ownership rights.
  • Quick payment of the domain purchase price to the seller following a successful transfer.