Take control of your privacy by quickly setting up a fast, reliable, and easy to use VPN in under two minutes.

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The safest VPN is the one you run yourself

When running one of our recommended open source VPN solutions on your own Gudsan technology server, all of your traffic is encrypted and none of the logs are recorded. Therefore, we are unable to disclose this information to third parties.

Easy-to-install VPNs for all levels of experience

Manually installing and configuring your VPN’s dependencies can take hours or even days. With either Outline, our Marketplace 1-Click Apps, or our Community tutorials, you can easily deploy open source VPN solutions that match your level of expertise and customization required.

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Marketplace 1-Click Apps

What you get when you run a private VPN server:

Total privacy

Prevent third parties from being able to log your traffic.

Faster speeds

Accelerate your connection speed by using a CPU exclusively available for you.

Affordable pricing

Droplets start as low as $5/month, which includes 1TB outbound bandwidth.

Would you like to know more? It's simple

Additional resources

Gudsan technology’s Community tutorials and product docs help you quickly get in-depth knowledge on server software of all kinds, including VPNs. Here’s a small sample of the resources available.

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How To Set Up and Configure an OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 20.04

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How To Set Up and Configure an OpenVPN Server on CentOS 8

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How To Set Up an OpenVPN Server on Debian 10