Thought of the perfect web address? Is the domain already taken? No problem!

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Buying domains: How it works

Create a free customer account:

  • First create a free customer account.
  • Now you can save domains in your watch list – and buy them.

Search domains:

  • Clever filter functions assist with your domain search.
  • Limit the selection by having only certain domain extensions displayed.

Evaluate domains and prices:

  • Older, shorter domains with popular suffixes (e.g., .com or are of great value.
  • Our domain experts designate particularly valuable web addresses with the "Top domain" label.

Understanding seller and purchase options:

  • Sellers can choose from several pricing options for their domains.
  • Prices are negotiated directly between buyers and sellers.

Secure payment using Transfer Services:

  • Gudsan technology's domain Transfer Service ensures a secure payment process.
  • The money is not released to the seller until the domain is transferred.

Easy Domain Transfer and use:

  • We handle the transferring of ownership rights seamlessly.
  • The domain is readily available to you following completion of the transfer.

There are many ways to get the domain you want.

Different options for buying domains

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Buy Now

This is the fastest of our purchase methods. First, the seller specifies a binding Buy Now price and then the buyer pays the price displayed on the domain offer page. After the transfer process completes, you’re free to start using your domain.

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Make Offer

There is no fixed price listed but offers are welcomed. When you place a bid, the seller decides if they would like to negotiate with you. If both parties can agree on a price, Gudsan technology will complete the sale.

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Some domains are offered as part of an auction where the highest bid wins. You can see the bids made by others on the domain page – and also how much time is remaining to place a bid.

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Domain Brokers

As a buyer, you can also use our Brokerage Services. Our experienced domain experts will help you with price negotiations and purchasing – even for domains which are currently not available in our database.

3 easy steps to buy a domain

Gudsan technology’s community tutorials and product docs help you quickly get started. Here’s a small sample of the resources available.

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Use our domain search

On the hunt for a specific domain name?

Using our search allows you to look for your desired domain within Gudsan technology's database. We're sure the domain you want - or a great alternative - is for sale at Gudsan technology.

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Compare and buy

Easily compare different domain offers with in-depth statistics and detailed information about sellers.

Once you find a domain that meets your needs, you can buy it - quickly and securely!

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Gudsan technology takes care of the rest

Next our free Transfer Service comes into play. After the payment has gone through, we will transfer the ownership of the domain to you. Depending on the domain extension this may take between 5 and 10 days.

Congratulations, your new domain name is now at your disposal!

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Gudsan technology’s community tutorials and product docs help you quickly get started. Here’s a small sample of the resources available.